What You Should Never Say to Your Hairstylist


There are a lot of things you may tell your hairstylist. There is also a certain quantity of things that you should tell, such as your wishes and desires. But also there are things you should never tell to your hairstylist. And the best Natural Hair Salon in the New York City has prepared a list of these things special for you.

#1. “Please, give me something new”

You can’t even imagine how annoying this phrase is. It will be much better if you come to your stylist already prepared. Be specific! Describe what you want to get and bring several photos to show your hair stylist. Believe me, he will be glad to hear your propositions than the phrase from the title of the paragraph.

#2. “What box color can I use in between meetings?”

There is only one right answer on this questions and it is “none”. Your stylist spend a lot of money and time while he or she was learning color theory, and he or she really cares about the condition of your hair, that’s why box color is improper.

Also, you should pay your attention, using the box color can’t guarantee the color you want. It can be a little bit darker or a little bit lighter but fixing the situation will lie on your stylist shoulders.

Your experiments can cost you more, don’t forget about it.

#3. “Last night I picked up so amazing guy in the club…”

Try to keep things as professional as it possible. Discussing your sex life or talking about politics or money might make your hair stylist feel comfortless. Keeping a distance and respecting the boundaries are very important things in the relationships with your hair stylist.

#4. “What’s the F***?”

Even if you master has made not all it’s cracked up to be, it’s not an excuse for aggression. Yes, your cut can be shorter than you have expected and your color can be a little bit different, but man is prone to error and It can happen even to a bishop.

Try to be patient and to explain your problem calmly without strong language.

#5. “I’m gonna to Egypt next week”

Be careful, when you share some information at the hair salon, it is a public place and all information can be turn against you.

We don’t mean that your hair stylist will rob you, of course not, but someone, who has heard it can. That’s why be careful when tell some secrets.

We hope this list of advices will be useful and your relationships with your hair stylist will be really good.


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