Photos that are not just perfectly timed photos but more than that

In our day to day activities sometimes we notice something which is unusual but very funny, Today we are sharing some similar photos which defines such moments. These are perfectly timed photos that will make you stunned.

well you might have seen similar stuff already around the web but the interesting part in these photos is these are not taken by any professional photographers, it’s captured by people like you and me. EnJoy!

  1. Oops that’s a hard hit

Lol this seems a very hard hit, you should better wear helmet next time


  1. That’s a nice cover

Would you find a better cover than this?

Reflected the hot lady hidden behind the news paper

3. a kid with hot womanly curves

This kid will surely win the miss universe competition with this beautiful womanly curves

4. I’m gonna catch you

This image is taken with really nice timing

Statue seems to be catching the plane

5. Poke you

6. Oh where are you looking?

7. i want this beautiful necklace

8. lets try a pigeon today

9. okay so what are the headlines today?

10. hey cat lets play hide and seek

11. beautiful or ugly

12. hey what are you doing here

13. Dog got the wings

14. Nice shower

15. His legs are unique

16. New hybrid breed of human and dog

17. yes my fart creates clouds

18. And that cyclist

19. That kid’s expression explains it all

20. That’s a perfect snatch

21. Blow the cloud

22. Best defense ever

23. what looks better

24. Fart On Fire

25. Beautiful beach bride

26. Perfect angle

27. beautiful flower skirt

28. Perfect Shot

29. This is really satisfying

30. Let me pull it out

31. that soldier needs some sleep

32. kick that b**ty

33. lets go for a ride

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34. Man with fish face

35. Eagle with jet engine in feet

36. Gay? Yes we can see it

37. attached with heads

38. A truck carrying monster cruise ship

39. i’m the most powerful person the world don’t judge me with my skirt

40. why are you staring at me

41. The cake dress

42. Thoughts reflected in the shadow

43. Man with eagle eye

44. Nice face

45. Experimenting with an axe

46. The flying Board

47. Woo this baby got giant legs

48. Hey wait for me

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