Take a look at this list of popular shaving mistakes to learn how to avoid them!

  1. You are using Too Little Or Bad Quality Shaving Cream

Men often use too little shaving product. Some of them always try to shave dry patches of skin. Water is not a sufficient lubricant. It may work for some people, but it’s not as effective as cream or soap. You have to apply the product to every inch of the surface you are taking your razor to. The underuse of lubricant will cause such damage as irritation, cuts, and razor burn.

  1. You Shave In The Wrong Direction

Many people try to shave off as much hair as they can and often choose the wrong way to do it. Instead of shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growth, try shaving in the same direction. This way you can gradually decrease the length of your facial hair by re-applying shaving product and making clean strokes. This way you can achieve the same results as if you visited a Manhattan Barbershop.

Portrait of man shaving his face

Portrait of man shaving his face

  1. You Are Trying Too Hard

If razor burn and ingrown hair are your usual problems, then you are either applying too much pressure or shaving the same spot again and again. If you “stumble” on a particularly stubborn patch of hair, ignore it and shave it later after re-lathering. Always shave in one direction and use clean one-stroke passes.

  1. You Are Using The Wrong Angle

Holding your razor at the wrong angle is another reason for razor burns and cuts. Start with lighter passes until you figure out which angle works for your face shape and hair type.

Follow these recommendations to avoid unpleasant consequences!

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