Khoudia Diop A Senegalese model With Unusual Charcoal Black Skin Color

How would you feel if your skin was black like charcoal? seems odd? Well then meet this senegalese model named Khoudia Diop who is having unusual skin with charcoal black color. She is a 19 year old girl from Senegal having rare black skin color. During her childhood she faced problems because of her skin color but by the time she learned to adjust herself with the situation and converted her skin color into an opportunity and style statement.

Image credit :: melaniin.goddess

Despite of her unusual skin color she learned to love herself and emerged as a fashion model, if you look closely her skin is very smooth and evenly toned

Image credit :: melaniin.goddess instagram

Image credit :: melaniin.goddess instagram

She is also considered to be the darkest women in the world, and people calls her “Melanin Goddess”.

Nowadays she is one of the most popular model

Image credit :: melaniin.goddess instagram

For more photos and photoshoot moments of her, you can visit her official instagram page.

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