Follow these easy recommendations for a bump-free shave!

  1. Keep Your Tools In Shape

Make sure your razor is clean and sharp before using it on your face. Dull blades increase the chances of irritation and ingrown hairs. Dirty razor also harvests bacteria, which can cause inflammation and breakouts. Clean your tools after every use, dry them on a towel, and sharpen them after every third use.

  1. Preparation Is The Key

Soften your facial hair and skin before shaving. Take a hot shower and let the steam work its magic on your body. We also suggest you exfoliate twice a day to remove dead skin cells blocking the follicles. Rub yourself with a loofah or a scrub to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.

  1. Lather Up!

Lubricate your facial hair with a pre-shaving beard oil and leave it for several minutes before applying your shaving cream. It will soften the hairs even further as well as lift them from skin. Some men choose to ditch the shaving product and use a hair conditioner or even coconut oil for easier glide.    

  1. Go With The Grain

Avoid shaving against the grain, especially if you have sensitive skin. It won’t give you better results and will cause terrible irritation.

  1. Avoid Pressure

Don’t try to peel yourself with your razor. Many men try too hard and apply too much pressure. Use moderately light strokes with just enough pressure to cut the hairs. Try visiting a Barbershop In NYC for suggestions and see the technique used by specialists!

Stick to these steps to improve your shaving sessions!

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