From Gaurav Arora To Gauri Arora This Is How Splitsvilla Contestant’s Life Changed After Sex Change

Here is a unique story of the MTV fame and Splitsvilla Contestant Gaurav Arora who surprised every one when he revealed about being a transgender and had undergone a sex change surgery. Gaurav Arora is 24 year old model from delhi and former contestant of MTV splitsvilla season 8. But this was not an easy ride for him, he struggled and faced many problems to become what he always wanted to be. Gaurav arora was born a boy but since his childhood he wanted to be a women. He also revealed that his parents had also beaten him with belts to change his liking and mind. Here is gaurav arora biography and wiki.

Gauri also revealed that she was raped at the age of 11. He was molested by a group of boys in a park.

She revealed that she is right now spending Rs. 50,000 every month on her nose, botox, laser treatment for facial hair etc. and she is quite confident that within next few months she will come out as a beautiful diva.

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