Easy hairstyle for second-day hair

Every woman sometimes feels too lazy to wash her hair. The reason can be different: bad mood, lack of time, or physical exhaustion after a couple of hours in a gym. Here appears a question, what to do with your dirty head? Well, the answer is easy, style it! Our professionals at New York best Hair Salon created extremely cool and easy hairstyle for lazy ladies. Messy blowout with second-day curls makes every girl look like a top model. Here are four useful tips on how to create such coveted look.

Easy hairstyle for second-day hair

Tip #1 Styling product

To create this hairstyle, you will need some styling cream or mousse. Take product you like the most and use on a regular basis. Apply it on your wet hair and spread it evenly.


Tip #2 Heat it up
Give your hair a quick rough-dry with your hands. If it’s thick or curly smooth it with a round comb.


Tip #3 Curling it

When your hair is a little bit wet, section it and wrap each section around the top and secure there.  You can also use a curling iron, but I will not give you that charming effect of loose waves.

Tip #4 Fix it

Use some hair spray with strong or medium fixation to make every curl live long. Be careful and don’t overdo with it; in the other case, you will get “wet hair” effect.

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