1. Face a cold reality

Probably every woman dreams of super long and beautiful hair, but ladies with thin hair should think twice. Extra length adds considerable weight to your roots, making your hair look flat and unattractive. You should go for middle or short length, which will make your locks look more voluminous!

  1. Make right choices

According to experts at Prestige Salon NYC, the right choice of styling products is of essential importance when it comes to thin hair. You should forget about heavy products because they weight thing hair down. We recommend giving preference to hair products with lightweight formula and volumizing properties!

  1. Add some volume

Volume is one of the main prerequisites of a successful hairstyle when we talk about styling thin hair. Your primary task is to enhance your roots as much as possible. Experts at Prestige Salon NYC recommend using a blow dryer, a teasing comb, and volumizing hair products to perform this task!


  1. Avoid straightening

The right choice of heated tools and hair texture is also of great importance! In our opinion, a flat iron isn’t the best option in the case of thin hair. It weighs your hair down and totally deprives it of volume! Try to create cute curls, which will make your hair look more voluminous and beautiful!

  1. Keep your hair hydrated

Dehydration is a common problem of thin hair, that’s why you should moisturize your locks well. Condition your hair regularly and avoid over-washing or excessive exposure to heat. Hydrated hair looks healthy and is much easier to style!

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