1. Find a trustworthy barber

It’s extremely important to choose a good barber, and it’s not that easy as it may seem. The easiest way to find the best expert is to ask guys with great hair for references. There is nothing wrong about it because people are willing to advertise the services they’ve enjoyed.

  1. Schedule an appointment

Although you can come to a random barbershop whenever you feel like it, it’s much better to make an appointment beforehand. Good barbershops have a tight schedule, so an appointment is like a guarantee that you will receive a deserved attention of your barber. Make an appointment now because the best barbers NYC are waiting!

  1. Choose a suitable haircut

You should know exactly what you want before heading to a barbershop. Look for a hairstyle being able to balance weaknesses and strengths of your face shape. When in doubt, you can choose a couple of options and discuss them with the best barbers NYC; they will definitely help you to make the right choice!

  1. Finish important business

We strongly recommend finishing the important business before you sit in your barber’s chair. It will be impolite of you to talk on the phone while getting your hair done. Although we live in the era of the Internet and technologies, nobody canceled old-fashioned rules of etiquette. So, put your technical appliances aside and try to keep a light conversation.

  1. Leave tips

Tipping is an important part of the barbershop etiquette, so don’t go away without leaving some tips. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of money. This is just the way to express your gratitude and satisfaction with a result of your barber’s work!

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