Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers? The real reason behind the funny thing.

You might have seen funny videos of cats being terribly afraid of cucumber jumping here and there and yes it’s really funny to watch. But ever imagined why cats are so much afraid of cucumbers? Today we will look the real scientific reason behind this deal of cats.


Ever since some had found this, people from around the world are sharing such funny videos by placing a cucumber just behind a cat and it’s reaction. At first this seems very much funny by looking at ‘CucumbersScaringCats’ But there is a reason behind this fear.


Actually the cucumber triggers the cats’ natural startle reflexes. which ultimately causes this sudden fear so it will try to get out of it as quickly as possible.


Many animal behaviourist also says that they might be seeing the cucumber as a snake OR similar deadly animal. Moreover the place where cats eat and roam around are the areas which they feel safe and friendly but a sudden entry of something which looks like a deadly monster will surely terrify anyone. So, this is the real reason behind their extraordinary fear from cucumbers. “But ultimately it’s never good and not recommended to fear your pets with such tricks”.

Watch the funny video below and nJoy!


Video Credit :: Funny And Fail Videos

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