Best guide on how to grow out a classic beard

Best guide on how to grow out a classic beard

What guy doesn’t dream to have a beautiful and classic beard? It can turn any boyish face to handsome and attractive one, what gives you extra chances to charm the girl you like since fifth grade. Thick and long beards are now on the top of the fashion world, so if you are the one who follows modern trends, our blog is for you! Growing out a long beard is not such an easy thing as it may seem, it requires a lot of time, efforts, and patience, so be ready to do the best to make your dream come true. Our professionals at Hair Salon Soho in NYC offer you three most interesting tips to create a classic beard.

Tip #1 Do some research

First of all, you have to define what shape and form of beard you want to achieve.  Find some interesting, from your point of view, photos on the Internet and try to imagine yourself with this particular kind of beard, before you start to grow it out.

Tip #2 Sensitive skin

Visit your nearest store and buy some special beard oils and creams. Be ready that first couple weeks your beard is going to itch hard, so if you have sensitive skin, it will need lots of efforts to ease this period.

Tip #3 Define lines

If you are a hairy person, you have to define clearly border lines of your beard, or it will lose a classy look.

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