Beard types for spunky guys!


Beard allows a man to show his personality, a unique style and distinctive features of his character. Did you know that there are more than 40 beard types? Find out the list of the most popular beard styles, which are distinguished by barbers at Manhattan Barber Shop.

Goatee or Imperial beard has a round shape. It covers a chin and looks neat and attractive. Imperial beard is often chosen by intelligent and jaunty men. Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, and Robert Pattinson choose this beard type.

Balbo beard is named after Italian politician Italo Balbo. It has a massive and wide shape without whiskers. This beard can be completed with the mustache of the medium thickness. Let barbers at Manhattan Barber Shop take care of this beard type to keep it well-groomed. Many famous men give the preference to this beard. Good examples of such form of the beard are Sylvester Stallone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler.

Norse Skipper beard looks like an inverted drop. It starts under the lower lip and covers the chin. This type of beard implicates clean-shaven cheeks. Usually, it is preferred by stout-hearted men.

Garibaldi beard is named after Italian politician of the 19th century Giuseppe Garibaldi. It is a wide, round beard with a thick mustache. This beard makes an impression of a powerful and courageous man. Perfect examples of Garibaldi beard are Jared Leto and Madison Rowley.

Bristle is pink of fashion. It may seem easy to maintain this style, but the bristle like any other type of beard requires special care. It fits stylish, charismatic, and charming guy. Many famous men wear the bristle; for example, Hugh Laurie and Tom Kaulitz.


Whiskers is often connected with a mustache. They cover the lower part of the cheekbones and cheeks. Men who wear whiskers may be characterized as cheerful and playful persons. The famous owners of the whiskers are Chris Pine, Ashton Kutcher, and Ben Affleck.

Hollywoodian beard is one of the most popular beards today. TOP -7 charming owners of the Hollywoodian beard are Jude Law, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, and Ben Affleck.

Anchor beard is a short-trimmed facial hair on the chin with a mustache. Cheeks and temples should be clean-shaven. This type of beard does not require special care. The anchor looks very neat and original. It is the favorite beard type of Ryan Gosling and David Beckham.

Short boxed beard is a wide beard with a mustache like Old Dutch one. This type of beard is preferred by hothead and brutal men. Such celebs like Pierce Brosnan and Andy Samberg wear this kind of beard.

A full beard is a classic type. It is grown naturally, but sometimes it should be trimmed. For becoming the owner of a full beard, you should have thick facial hair. It fits brave and self-confident men. A full beard may be a base for any other beard. Today many famous men wear a full beard, and Adrien Brody is one of them.

Canadian beard has a circle shape and mustache, which is connected with the beard. It makes the face visually longer; thus, it may be recommended for men with the round face shape. Noble Canadian beard is worn by such celebs like Justin Bieber and Enrique Iglesias.

Well, these are the most common beard types. You can choose one of them or change the beard you have. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be gorgeous!

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